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Pierrick Gaumé is a French artist and industrial designer who graduated from the Paris-based ENSCI college in 1995.

Since 1994, his drawings, paintings, collages and photographs were mostly collected and exhibited

in Paris, in Tours, in Tel-Aviv, in San Francisco, in Milan and in these cities' surroundings.

After 2006, Gaumé deepened his work on urban photography and came up with his Automorphoses.

These photographs of cityscapes that distort themselves on mirroring objects became his trademark since 2009.

In 2018, Gaumé produced filmed interviews of artists, art-therapists, researchers & professors about the healing powers of art.

After this research used the title "Pacifier par l'Art" for its events in France, it was exported as "Portraits in Healing" in 2020.

To view recent developments in Gaumé's productions, you are welcome to visit the Publications and Shop pages on this website.

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