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2023 : Collaboration with sculptress Kika Bohr and curator Marcello Abbiati (in Italian)

Photograph taken by Pierrick Gaumé chosen for the poster of Kika Bohr's anthology exhibit in Gaeta, Italy

ARTSUPP (2022)

Pierrick Gaumé’s The Still Escape photography series on the Artsupp website :


VIRTUALLY01 (2022, in Italian)

Pierrick Gaumé among the Virtually01 photography contest’s 5 finalists (Autumn 2022) :

Catalogue of the finalists’ interactive 3D exhibit:


SHOTS TO TELL 5 (2022)

Portfolio of « Le Automorphoses, dall’Italia alla California » (pages 56 to 65) with full-page color photographs and Italian text in the Volume 5 of ShotToTell, the collection of books from Photo Project Pro / Mainland Editions - Milan, Italy - April 2022.


INFINIMENT LA LOIRE (2022, in French)

Pierrick Gaumé’s « Miroir II Loire (Diptyque) » photograph was printed in the book titled « Infiniment la Loire - Un homme a marché sur la Loire » written in French by Philippe Vahakn Ouzounian (Edita publisher - France, 2022).


2021: Milano Shakerata (60 pages in Italian & English with photos - self-published)


2020: SF-Morphoses (self-published via Blurb Inc.)


2016: Interview for Men’s Passion Magazine (N°80 - feature on pages 50 to 55)


2014: Gaumé’s photograph of WWI memorial architecture, as chosen by Raymond Depardon and exhibited at the Festival des Rencontres de la Photographie d’Arles : 


2013: Paris-Morphoses (self-published via Blurb Inc.)


2010: Photography portfolio in Lush Finesse art event catalogue and cover of Cimarron Review’s Winter issue (USA)


2008: Artist’s portrait and feature in The MacGuffin Literary Journal’s Fall-Winter issue (USA)


2000: Illustrations in the Amnesty International Chronicle and in Le Journal des Associations (France).

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