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This website is copyrighted © Pierrick Gaumé - All Rights Reserved and its images are copyrighted © Pierrick Gaumé / ADAGP. Reproducing its contents is strictly forbidden unless Pierrick Gaumé gives his written permission for it.


Any attempt to violate the intellectual property and reproduction rights of the photographs, texts and graphic elements displayed on this website is subject to legal action. Pierrick Gaumé is a member of the Maison des Artistes and ADAGP organisations.


The photos that Pierrick Gaumé posts on this website are low resolution copies among a larger number of files from his high resolution image bank.
 In order to use some of Pierrick Gaumé's images in a publication, you are strongly advised to fill the contact form below to request the permission or courtesy for these images.

DISCLAIMER: this website does not collect its visitors' personal information without consent and this is why its pages include a form asking to either accept or reject 'Cookies'. However, it has to keep track of contact information from persons or companies that purchase products from this website's shop section and from persons and companies using the contact form below in order to reach out to the website's owner. 

To reach out to Pierrick Gaumé, feel welcome to fill in all the boxes in this form with your contact information and precise request :

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